Congratulations! To Our Prairie Storms Giveaway Winners…


Thank you so much to those who participated in this giveaway.  Darcy Pattison is an excellent speaker as well as being a talented author of children’s literature.  What I love most about Prairie Storms is that some of my favorite animals are featured in this book.  In addition, the back is full of extended learning possibilities; a perfect addition for home and classroom settings.  Darcy captures the non-fiction prairie in a creative way. How animals are affected and live in storms becomes entertaining. Kathleen Rietz paints prairie life in a realistic, warm capture…setting an inviting stage…even though the environment is sometimes chilling.

I enjoy Prairie Storms so much and am honored to host this giveaway.

And Our Winners Are…

Jennifer Rumberger

Janet Heller

Shortly you will receive an email from me announcing your giveaway book, Prairie Storms by Darcy Pattison and Illustrated by Kathleen Rietz. Please respond by confirming your preferred mailing address.

Click here to go the Prairie Storms home page for lesson plans and coloring pages.

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Thanks again to all who participated.  And remember, we learn…we grow…we share.  Have fun!

Prairie Storms Giveaway…Interview with Author Darcy Pattison

Michelle:  Question #3:  Your author/speaker platform in amazing. I know you spoke at SCBWI Nationals in New York about this very subject.  Tell us what a week-in-the-life of Darcy Pattison looks like?

Darcy:  A week in my life is so varied that there’s no normal. I own and write for many blogs, manage others who write for my blogs, write freelance articles, write speeches, visit schools, work on and deliver professional development sessions, promote my books and others’ books, and write fiction. I have a yellow, legal-sized pad that has these categories: Speaking, Writing, Blog, PR, Friends, Publishing, Other. Each week, I jot down what is due that week and hope that by the end of the week, everything is done. More often than not, several entries get pulled over to the next week. And yes, I schedule Friends–otherwise, the week would get overwhelmed with the “Tyranny of the Urgent” and the most important Friends would get lost.

Today is the last day to enter to win PRAIRIE STORMS by Darcy Pattison, Illustrated by Kathleen Rietz.

Leave a comment below and you are entered.

Winners will be chosen by an automated randomizer.  Thanks and good luck.  Final day for commenting is Monday, May 21, 2012.

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  • Day 68: Oliver K. Woodman visits our school

    Day 68: Oliver K. Woodman visits our school (Photo credit: Visions By Vicky)

Prairie Storms…two books to give away, five days left to enter

Michelle:  Question #2:  Tell us a little about your journey to becoming an award-winning children’s author?

Darcy:  It begins with a book that I read to my family’s nightly story time at the age of four. Since that first book, I have had a love affair with reading and all things bookish. When I had children, I started homeschooling them and in the process of teaching them to write, I fell in love with writing myself. It’s the flip side of books, the side on which books get made.



Deadline for comments is Monday, May 21, 2012 at midnight.  Then the giveaway book fairy leaves.

Winners are chosen by an automated randomizer. Have fun and the best of luck.