Congratulations! To Our Prairie Storms Giveaway Winners…


Thank you so much to those who participated in this giveaway.  Darcy Pattison is an excellent speaker as well as being a talented author of children’s literature.  What I love most about Prairie Storms is that some of my favorite animals are featured in this book.  In addition, the back is full of extended learning possibilities; a perfect addition for home and classroom settings.  Darcy captures the non-fiction prairie in a creative way. How animals are affected and live in storms becomes entertaining. Kathleen Rietz paints prairie life in a realistic, warm capture…setting an inviting stage…even though the environment is sometimes chilling.

I enjoy Prairie Storms so much and am honored to host this giveaway.

And Our Winners Are…

Jennifer Rumberger

Janet Heller

Shortly you will receive an email from me announcing your giveaway book, Prairie Storms by Darcy Pattison and Illustrated by Kathleen Rietz. Please respond by confirming your preferred mailing address.

Click here to go the Prairie Storms home page for lesson plans and coloring pages.

Click here to go to Author Darcy Pattison’s home page.

Click here to go to Illustrator Kathleen Rietz’s home page.

Thanks again to all who participated.  And remember, we learn…we grow…we share.  Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Congratulations! To Our Prairie Storms Giveaway Winners…

  1. Lexa Cain says:

    Congratulations to the winners. Yay!
    Michelle, I keep seeing “+1” on my blog posts and have no clue what they mean, but thank you very much. Your profile didn’t link to this blog so it took a while to find you. But I did! 😀

  2. hellerj says:

    Dear Michelle,

    I received Darcy Pattison’s Prairie Storms today (May 24) and read the book right away. It is well written and has lots of information about how different animals react to stormy weather. The educational supplement in the back gives children more details about weather patterns. Prairie Storms’ illustrations depict the animals in action and in retreat from storms. The front cover has two deer, a lizard, a cougar, and a woodchuck looking out at the reader as a lightning bolt flashes in the sky. This design invites a child to open this book to explore the world of these animals.

    Thank you for sending me this great book! Best wishes!
    Janet Heller in Portage

    • Michelle Bradford says:

      Janet, I am so excited that you received Prairie Storms so quickly. And thank you so much for adding a small review. Kids will be asking to read this one again and again. Best Wishes, too! Michelle

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