Alphabet Recognition Strengthens…

Alphabet Recognition Strengthens During Preschool Years

Lola Gayle, STEAM Register It is widely believed that the preschool years are important for a child’s educational development and preparation for success in school, but very little evidence previously existed to support this. Now, a study from Francis Huang, an assistant professor of educational, school, and counseling psychology at the University of Missouri College of… Continue reading


Congratulations! To Our Prairie Storms Giveaway Winners…


Thank you so much to those who participated in this giveaway.  Darcy Pattison is an excellent speaker as well as being a talented author of children’s literature.  What I love most about Prairie Storms is that some of my favorite animals are featured in this book. Continue reading

Prairie Storms Giveaway…Interview with Author Darcy Pattison

Michelle:  Question #3:  Your author/speaker platform in amazing. I know you spoke at SCBWI Nationals in New York about this very subject.  Tell us what a week-in-the-life of Darcy Pattison looks like? Continue reading