I’m Michelle Bradford.

I am an Author, a Speaker, and a Designer; published in web design, digital content, and college-level curriculum. I am passionate about content, design, UI, UX, poetic code, and children’s literature.

Did I mention that Kindergarten is my favorite grade ever?

A little bit about me and my work…
I am an Entrepreneur, an Author, a Communicator, a Story-Whisperer, and a Digital Creator.

My day job is a Momtrepreneur. It’s my fun job too. 

As a presenter, I develop teaching tools utilizing dynamic digital displays, graphics, and hands-on learning.

Web Workshops for events:

I speak and teach at conferences tailoring talks toward special themes and specific requests.

Children’s writing:

I am devoted to picture books. easy readers, concept-character-driven fiction, and creative nonfiction. My passion is heart-felt humorous approaches to everyday tough situations. I enjoy inspiring relationships and bringing the most unlikely friendships closer together.


My former day jobs.

Copyright 1992-PresentAll rights reserved.

This blog is the author’s intellectual property unless otherwise noted. Please contact me for permissions if you are interested in republication or redistribution of content, text or images.


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