Erma Bombeck and A little humor in April

One of my favorite comedians is Erma Bombeck.  Her unique real-life humor spices timeless heart-felt jolts; a painted reality of the joys of everyday American life.

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Nests everywhere…baby robins filling the trees!

How wonderful!  A nest of robins born right outside our kitchen window.  The proud couple were quite the pair.  The male persistently watched from the cherry tree four feet away while the female tended to the nest.  Whenever she left to find food he would chase anything coming close, far away – especially those silly old blackbirds.

I am still amazed at the fact they were eight inches from our indoor happenings.  The only time she complained was when the vacuum was running.

I hope you enjoy these photos, as I enjoy sharing simple moments from our life!

The early robins

The early robins

Growing, growing, last photo before we're gone

Growing...growing...and leaving the nest

Daddy robin is always on watch

Daddy robin is always on watch