Nests everywhere…baby robins filling the trees!

How wonderful!  A nest of robins born right outside our kitchen window.  The proud couple were quite the pair.  The male persistently watched from the cherry tree four feet away while the female tended to the nest.  Whenever she left to find food he would chase anything coming close, far away – especially those silly old blackbirds.

I am still amazed at the fact they were eight inches from our indoor happenings.  The only time she complained was when the vacuum was running.

I hope you enjoy these photos, as I enjoy sharing simple moments from our life!

The early robins

The early robins

Growing, growing, last photo before we're gone

Growing...growing...and leaving the nest

Daddy robin is always on watch

Daddy robin is always on watch


Take ten (seconds)…take a picture

Children are beautiful!  They fill our home with life and goodness and simple pleasures that we sometimes forget as adults.  Children keep us young and alive with a special vibrancy that only they are blessed with.

In the early years with diapers and feedings and baby nostalgia encircling my every hour of living, I found one simple little key for making the days wonderful; my exciting version of  “take ten seconds” in a moment of anxiety. It is a simple little wonder that will serve you well many times over. When your child does something to try your patience, such as pouring soup over their head, “Take ten…take a picture.”  No event is too small, the photo will be useful in more ways than you can imagine:

•    The time to take a picture gives you at least ten seconds.

•    It becomes a discussion piece with your child, later.

•    You can laugh about it together many times over.

•    Depending on the situation, the photo becomes a learning tool.

•    They make great graduation open house photos – sure to be a hit.

Ripping up Mom's patterns

Ripping up Mom's patterns

So there you have it, Michelle’s tip of the century.  I am showcasing one of these photos of our son when he was about twelve months old.  Even though three of our children are grown, my advice is still “Take a picture.”  Photos are a remembrance of the faith path we have been on and a nice reminder of many trying situations God has brought us through.

All the best to you and yours this day,